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Sweet 18


Kwon Hyuk-Joon’s grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson (Lee Dong Gun) and Yoon Jung-Sook (Han Ji Hye) when Yoon Jung-Sook is born. 18 years later, the two families lose contact because soon after the contract is signed, Jung-Sook’s family encounters financial issues and is forced to run away.

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Lovers in Paris


Tae Young lives in Paris and is working on a screenplay. She meets Gi Ju while working at a friend’s stall and Soo Hyuk, when her bicycle breaks down. Soo Hyuk and Tae young become friends. Gi Ju asks her to act as his fiance for work reasons. Things go badly and everyone returns to Korea.

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When It’s At Night


Kim Bum Sang is a arts scholar who is crazy about virgins and is a supervisor of property assets. Heo Cho Hwi is a 29 year old woman who is always mistaken as someone who is crafty because of her natural-born sexiness. The story will be about how these two cross paths and how their chance meeting will cause turmoil for the both of them.

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Left alone on a trip to Hong Kong, Tomoko (Fukada Kyoko) finds herself the victim of a purse-snatching. The police arrest the man she points out, but it turns out to be the wrong person: a young Korean man named Ji Hoon (Won Bin). Despite his anger and humiliation, he takes her out to dinner since she has lost all her money, and in return, she agrees to model for his amateur film. What follows is a magical and romantic

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Stainned Glass


During their childhood, Dong Joo and Gi Tae are both abandoned by their real parents. In the orphanage, they grow up like brothers and become best friends. Ji Soo transfers to the school where Dong Joo and Gi Tae attends. At the same time, they both fall in love with her. While trying to get Ji Soo’s ocarina, Dong Joo is caught in the river and is presumed drowned. A Japanese couple adopted him after he was rescued in the

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Marry Him If You Dare


Na Mi Rae (Choi Myung Gil), seorang penulis naskah drama, kembali ke masa lalu untuk menemui dirinya sendiri yang berusia 32 tahun (Yoon Eun Hye) dengan tujuan untuk mencegah pernikahannya dengan Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun), sehingga masa lalunya bisa berubah dan begitu pula kehidupan yang ia sedang jalani sekarang.

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Super Daddy Yeol

Berdasarkan Webcomic “Shoopeodaedi Yeol” by Lee Sang Hoon dan Jin Hyo Mi yang diterbitkan dari tahun 11-Oktober-2011 – 12-Maret-2012 melalui “cartoon.media.daum.net”. Dokter Cha Mi Rae (Lee Yoo Ri) memiliki satu putri, Sa Sang (Lee Re). Suatu hari, ia didiagnosis dengan kanker langka dan memberitahu dia memiliki sekitar satu tahun untuk hidup. Dia kemudian mencari cinta pertamanya Kim Yeol (Lee Dong Gun) untuk proposal pernikahan. Dia berjuang untuk mengubah Yeol menjadi ayah terbaik untuk masa depan putrinya….

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