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Lee Se-na is the only daughter from a wealthy background. Because of her pampered upbringing, she believes that she can get anything she wants if she sets her heart to it. She meets Han Seung-Woo, a self-made diplomat, who is not-so-secretly in love with his childhood friend Yoon-su, currently in Japan with her fiance, Seung-Woo’s colleague Jin-Hui. Se-na instantly falls in love with Seung-Woo, who asks her what she thinks the meaning of marriage is. In their subsequent marriage, their

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Rascal Sons

rascal for drama poster.png

Bercerita mengenai kehidupan 3 anak laki-laki mereka dengan berbagai segala perjalanan hidup mereka bertiga dari orang tua bernama Yoo Won Tae (diperankan oleh Park In Hwan sebagai Ayah) dan Woo Jung Sook (diperankan oleh Na Moon Hee sebagai ibu)Anak pertama bernama Yoo Hyun ki (diperankan oleh Lee Sung Jae) yang merupakan seorang duda dan single dad dengan seorang anak perempuan. Setelah lama menutup hati karena trauma perceraian, Yoo Hyun Ki pada suatu hari jatuh cinta pada seorang janda (single mom)

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Into The Sun


A healthy and honest captain in the ROK navy, Kwon Sang Woo isn’t afraid to reveal his feelings towards anybody, including Myung Se Bin. When his sister (Kim Jung Hwa) is hospitaized with appendecitis, Kwon falls in love with Myung, a doctor at the hospital. Trying to win her love isn’t easy when Myung is sill grieving for her dead fiancee. Eventually Myung falls for his honest personality, but the mysterious death of her fiancee stirs up trouble later on.

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The Woman Who Wants to Marry


Episodes: 18 These days, there seems to be just too many single working women in their 30’s. These women have spent all their years accomplishing their dream and now stand all alone. They turn to men now hoping to settle down but all the fine guys have been snatched away by young girls who were ...

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King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang

Kings Daughter Soo Baek Hyang

The drama is set during the time of King Moo Ryung of Baekjae.A historical drama about Princess Soo Baek Hyang (Seo Hyun Jin), who is in love with Crown Prince Myung Nong (Jo Hyun Jae) and the history of the family.

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