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The Kingdom of The Winds


While King Yuri is away fighting barbarians, the heads of tribes stage a coup against him, but he defeats them and kills the mastermind. Sang Ga, the head of the Biru tribe is spared of punishment because of his refusal to contribute in the coup. Yuri's new son is born with a grim prophecy that he will kill his family and ruin the kingdom. Yuri announces he will kill the baby to prevent the prophecy. Prince Hae Myeong disagrees; but

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Solomon’s Perjury


Based on the novel “Solomon no Gisho / ソロモンの偽証” by Miyuki Miyabe which was published from 2002-Oct to 2011-Nov. This novel have been made into Japanese TV drama “Solomon’s Perjury (Part 1 & Part 2)” which were released on 2015-March-7 and 2015-Apr-11.A male student’s body has been found at the school in Christmas morning. After the police has determined it as suicide, an anonymous note citing it was actually a murder, suddenly spreads widely. To prevent further chaos and witch-hunt,

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Jeon Woo Chi

merupakan sebuah Cerita Superhero asal Korea. Bercerita pada zaman era Joseon dimana sebuah pipa nubuat jatuh kepada para goblin yang pada akhirnya menimbulkan kekacauan di dunia. Di satu sisi, setengah dari Pipa Nubuat tersebut terdapat di tangan guru Jeon Woo Chi. Jeon Woo Chi (diperankan oleh Cha Tae Hyun) adalah murid yang sangat nakal dan selalu menimbulkan kekacauan. Tetapi dibalik itu Jeon Woo Chi memiliki ilmu dan kekuatan magis taoist.Kemudian pada suatu hari Sang Guru dibunuh, dan setengah pipa nubuat

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Hot Blood Salesman


Revolves around penniless Ha Ryu who is driven by upward mobility and a thirst for personal success. Here is a man who can do whatever it takes to make money. He dreams of raking in 10 billion won by selling cars. Due to this wild idea, he is deemed crazy by everyone, but is ready to sell even his soul to become a billionaire. “I will make myself fully prepared to take every chance that lies ahead of me!!!”

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Emperor Wang Gun


Taejo was born in 877 to a prominent merchant family at Songdo (modern Kaesong), who controlled trade on the Yeseong River. His father, Wang Yung (왕륭, 王隆), gained much wealth from trade with China. His ancestors were known to have lived within the boundaries of ancient Goguryeo, thus making Wang Geon a man of Goguryeo by descent.[2] Wang Geon traced his ancestry to a noble Goguryeo clan.

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